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JORNS AG Long Bed Twin Beam and CNC Folders plus Coil Processing Equipment

For over 30 years Jorns AG have specialised in designing and constructing sheet metal processing machines at its family owned factory in Lotzwil Switzerland. for installation throughout the UK and worldwide. Their specialities include long bed (up to 12 metres long) Manual, CNC and Automated folders which now incorporate twin bending beams for increased productivity. Their Coil Processing Lines incorporate a full range of customised equipment. Contact us for a product CD.

CIDAN MachineryCNC Folding machines, Guillotine Shears, Cut to length units & Coil handling

Petersen Machinery has been manufacturing a range of sheet metal working machinery for over 100 years and is a World wide-established company within the sheet metal working industry. They manufacture and market under the brands of CIDAN and Göteneds and all of the machines are designed for low noise level, reduced maintenance and use of electricity all cutting down on costs.Contact us for a product CD.

J.Neu GmbH Revolutionary range of Nissin Tube Bending Machines

J.Neu GmbH has a long history of being active in the development, construction, as well as the production and supply of machines and tools for the treatment of pipes and profiles. In close co-operation with their customers and suppliers they develop complete solutions and production lines for those parts typically used in the following industries, automobile and trucks, cooling and heating, metal furniture, vehicle, machine and apparatus engineering. Contact us for a product CD.

Produtech S.r.l. Advanced CNC Punching machines from coil or blanks

Produtech Srl produce the ALPI ESA & DECA range of CNC punching machines, on every model every one of the tools in the standard turret head has full hydraulic programmable depth control for punching & forming is Auto Indexable thro 360 deg. and can work from coil or blank feed.
This unique and patented system offers up to 25% saving on material utilisation costs alone. Contact us for a product CD.

www.jorns.ch  (link to website information also via individual products)

CNC Folding Machines the standard range of Jorns machines are from 3 - 12 metres in length with bending capacities of up to 4 mm material thickness. Most models have the option of being fitted with a full length hydraulic "roll shear" or "roll former" The tried and tested bending method allows coated and pre painted panels to be bent without marking and is widely used for roofing, cladding and flashing panels throughout the world.

Automated Bending Machines like the TWINMATIC and TWINBEND range from 3 -12 metres in length with bending capacity up to 4 mm and have been designed to improve productivity and reduce the handling problems associated with bending large panels which without the twin bending beams would often require reversing or turning. The TwinMatic grips flat or pre bent sheet with up to 40mm leg height in specially designed backgauge fingers so the operator is eliminated during the twin bend cycle. By using two bending beams the profile can be bent up or down to produce the optimum bending cycle in half the time of a traditional bending machine.

Coil Processing Lines offering a full range of coil handling equipment including de coilers, levellers slitting lines, cut to length lines and re coilers most of which are specified in custom built strip processing lines.

www.neu-gmbh.de  (link to website information also via individual products)

With the revolutionary Nissin Freeform Tube Bending machine it is possible to produce different bend radii on tubes without a tool change. This is due to a patented ceramic tooling system used in combination with 3 or 5 axes CNC-controlled bending head. Radii can follow each other without straight lengths in between and can be in different planes. Cycle times are faster since times wasting auxiliary processes like “Clamp Open” or “Bending Arm Back” are no longer necessary because of the constant movement of all axes.

The die securely guides the bending section so that accurate roundness and a nearly untouched wall thickness are obtained. These attributes are important advantages for a following Hydro Forming Process.

3 Dimensional bending of parts with a polished surface and radius bends from 2 x Diameter up to ∞ are possible meeting the highest demands.

The Nissin bending system offers unparalleled accuracy, repeatability and consistent quality of parts, which makes it suitable for everything from one offs to mass production runs.

Click here to see just some of the J.Neu reference customers.

http://www.cidanmachinery.com  (link to website information also via individual products)

Petersen Machinery has been building machines since 1907 and our manufacturing is now based at our factory in Götene, Sweden. All our machine concepts are based on our extensive market research followed by continuous design and developments for which we own many patents.

CNC Folding Machines There are 8 models to choose from and a wide range, which offers up to 6mm steel bending capacity. There are many choices of Front & Backgauge. CNC control and machine options to choose from.

Cut to length Units These are compact stand-alone units and there are 3 models in the range for sheet width up to 1550 mm and material thickness capacity up to 2.25 mm steel.

Guillotine ShearsThere are 2 CNC models in the range with a maximum cutting capacity of up to 4.5mm steel. The options include a choice of backgauges and sheet support systems.

Coil handlingThese units can be for manual or motorised operation and range up to 10-ton capacity & 1550mm sheet width.

Our focus is on flexibility and "simple-to-use" solutions of the highest quality. Petersen Machinery is owned by Petersen Machinery Denmark A/S with subsidiaries located in the USA and China. Petersen Machinery has a worldwide network of dealers ready to meet your sales and service needs.

http://www.produtech.it (link to website information also via individual products)

Established in 1993 to produce automation systems for large industrial groups such as Brembo Spa, ABB-SACE, Milano-Orio al Serio airport.

Produtech then used this experience to design and build a unique and patented range of ALPI ESA & DECA CNC turret punch presses with high speed hydraulic punching heads and linear motor axis drives.

Every one of the tools in the standard turret head has full programmable depth control for punching & forming and is Auto Indexable thro 360 deg. The ALPI DECA is now available with a twin turret head configuration for increased tool capacity and reduced tool change time.

As standard all machine models are equipped to work from coil, which offers up to 25% saving on material utilisation costs particularly on expensive materials such as Stainless steel, Copper, Aluminium or Coated steel. All models are also equipped to work from blanks with many automation options including load /unload and cut off guillotine shear.
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